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Rage Hypodermic Broadhead Review

Rage Hypodermic Broadhead Review

When it comes to bow hunting, a sport where hours of stalking and positioning can be involved in getting the perfect shot, making that one shot counts, because it might be all you get.

You need a broadhead that will fully penetrate through your prey and deliver dropping power, and if you don’t get an immediate drop, at least an intense blood trail to follow. The hypodermics wide cutting blades, while hidden in flight, snap open on contact, delivering a deadly blow.

Rage Hypodermic Retracted

For those with a conscience, this is also the most humane way to kill your target. You wouldn’t want to risk purchasing a cheap broadhead that could allow the animal to get away with a nasty wound, leaving it to suffer for days at a time before it finally dropped.

Not only is this bad for the animal, but you are unlikely to ever see it again, and serves as a pointless kill.

When you combine speed, accuracy, stopping power, and lethality into one package you get the Rage Hypodermic broadhead.

Specs and Features

  • ​Exclusive hybrid chisel-tip
  • ​Offers surgical grade penetration with bone-crushing design
  • ​One piece SS ferrule
  • Enhanced strength and durability
  • .035 inch SS main blades
  • Keeps the blades hidden and low profile until impact.
  • ​Surgical grade razor edge to cut through even the toughest of hides like butter.
  • ​2 inch plus cutting diameters
  • ​Creates the wide entry and exit wounds to inflict stopping damage, and create great blood trails.
  • Shock collar for blade retention
  • Free practice head included

​​​​​​​​​​​As every archer knows, practice makes perfect. It can often take years of training to produce a well-trained bowman.


This broadhead has so many good features to talk about; it's hard to find a starting point. Let's start with possibly it's most satisfying trait, namely; it's speed and accuracy. The Rage Hypodermic is a mechanical broadhead, which uses a small collar on the base to hold the cutting blades into the ferrule.

 This means that while it is flying through the air, the Hypodermic has an incredibly low profile and flies with the same accuracy as a field tip used for target practice.

This increased accuracy is the result of aerodynamic design and also results in grouping patterns that are the same if not better than field tips.

My next favorite feature is the wide cutting diameter. Unless your hunting in the snow, and can easily track your wounded prey through bright red on white blood trails and footprints, it can be a downright pain trying to track a weak blood trail through typical forest terrain.

That is unless you were able to create a large enough hole in your target for it to drop excessive blood the entire way till it's collapse.

That's why having the extra wide cutting edge makes a difference in hunting. You don't want to be walking around for hours trying to find a downed animal. I've been there multiple times, and it's not fun.

Another great selling point is the one piece ferrule. It's very common for broadheads to crack or shatter on impact with hard bone, or even missed shots that land on trees or rocky ground.

The single forged ferrule maintains its durability through even the hardest of impacts. You could probably shoot the Hypodermic directly at a boulder, and still, have a usable broadhead at the end of it.  

The Rage Hypodermic broadhead is the best broadhead on the market and as such does not come cheap. But like many things in life, you get what you pay for. The innovation and lethality encased in this small arrowhead are well worth the extra dollar.

No rifle hunter would waste his money on cheap bullets that easily miss or perform suboptimally. Why would you trust the success of your hunt to a low-quality broadhead? In our opinion, this broadhead is worth every extra dollar spent. You are practically buying success.

So in review:

  • check
    ​Speed and accuracy
  • check
    ​Low profile
  • check
    ​Wide cutting blades
  • check
    Single forged ferrule


You know, I was hard pressed to find something that I didn't like about the Rage Hypodermic. It is just that perfect.

Nonetheless, it is still my humble duty to inform you that because these are mechanical tips, they still rely on a release mechanism to spread. Now, these particular broadheads have a great release system, and it is extremely rare that one might malfunction, but the risk is there nonetheless, so make sure you weigh the risk, however small, within your decision.

Public Opinion

In talking with quite a few grizzled hunters, I found a common phrase describing a good broadhead, "Dead deer tell no tales."

This was often followed by them talking about how switching from brands like Muzzy or Cold Steel and going to Rages Hypodermic directly resulted in far more "dead deer."

Rage Hypodermic Extended

The overwhelming consensus when reviewing peoples favorite features of this broadhead was its speed and accuracy.

Almost everybody interviewed had something to say about how accurate it is when combined with a well-spined arrow, and how it shot as good as if not better than the traditional field points that they were used to.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for the best of the best, an arrow that you can fire with absolute confidence that you will bring down your target in a swift, deadly and humane way, then the Rage Hypodermic broadhead is the obvious choice for you.

No other brand is as highly reviewed, and this model is their classic and most reliable in production. So do yourself a favor this year, add these to your quiver.

​Our Rating

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